Bonding with Mr Moneypenny

A quick shout-out to my latest client, Elite Business magazine, which has got me back into the feature-writing game after years of wall-to-wall editing.

The mag recently commissioned me to interview one of the UK’s most successful businessmen: Ed Reeves, one of the co-founders of Moneypenny.

This award-winning company is, to quote my article, “the UK’s leading provider of telephone answering and outsourced switchboard services”.

And it’s just occurred to me as I write this that Eve Moneypenny from the James Bond franchise is the world’s most famous PA. Duh!

There’s a lot that’s worthwhile the piece itself, I think. Inspirational quotes about business and winning, from a former pro windsurfer turned entrepreneur.

“The key thing is that to succeed in anything, be that sport, business, parenting, whatever, you’ve got to commit and you’ve got to be brave,” says Reeves.

“You have to make big sacrifices, which people always underestimate, and you’ve got to have absolute conviction that you’re doing the right thing.”

I wrote the headline, too, based on the number of calls the firm handles per year. ‘The man with 15 million answers.’

Although, thinking about the Bond connection, I could have had fun with movie titles. You Only Ring Twice? For Your Ears Only?

Then again, perhaps not.

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