It was a bright cold day in April

12974288_1092664224132740_1871696838874171942_nA little over a week ago, I read something thrilling on the Orwell Society‘s Facebook page.

A group called the Luxury Book Club would be discussing Nineteen Eighty-Four in London’s Genesis Cinema on 12 April – after which, Michael Radford’s film adaptation (the John Hurt one, made in 1984) would cheap nba jerseys get a Sports big-screen showing.

As a lifelong film buff, researching an Orwell-related book, I couldn’t have been happier. No matter that I own the cheap nfl jerseys Blu-ray. This was an authentic cinematic experience. So I bought my £9 ticket and made my way to Stepney Green in the East End.

For a little over an the hour in the cinema’s bar, Steven Walsh of the South London Hardcore podcast chewed over the novel with a couple of writers: poetry editor Declan Ryan and journalist/writer/screenwriter Michael Holden, formerly of lads’ mag Jerseys Loaded.

As the older, more opinionated guy, Holden made a number of punchy, thought-provoking observations. For one thing he was angry with the hero, Winston Smith, for being such a passive, miserable, city-bound desk jockey – who, it turns out, could have hopped on a train and had a day in the country at any time (good point!).

Winston’s writerly preoccupations led Holden to make another interesting comment. As he sits down to a blank diary page, Winston is terrified. What on earth is he going to write? But cheap mlb jerseys there’s something else going on in his mind, something more relevant than ever in this age of social media and blogging. In Holden’s words: “What will people think of me if they really know what I’m thinking?”

For his part, Ryan was intrigued by the concept of Newspeak, and terrified by the notion that our vocabulary may be whittled away until we can’t even think of dissent.

If I’d been on the panel, which briefly looked possible, I’d have been tempted to bring up political correctness, language policing, Twitterstorms, “I’m wholesale nfl jerseys offended”, safe spaces, no-platforming and the deeply illiberal ‘liberals’ of the ‘regressive left’. All the stuff that infuriates me as I enter my be grumpy-old-man phase: “Watch what you say and eat your greens,” as journalist Nick Cohen once put it.

Would I, though? A commitment to free speech is widely regarded as Deliver some kind of nasty, right-wing value these days, builds and had push come to shove, I might have chickened out in the face of what I assumed were hip, young ‘progressives’.

That’s a shameful, cowardly admission, I know. But to borrow Holden’s words: gráfico “What will people think Men of me if they really know what I’m thinking?”


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