Judging my book by its cover

I Googled myself last night. It had been a while since I’d heard from my publishers, and my English diffidence prevents me from sending them a ‘hey, what’s happening?’ email. Part of me suspects that an email of theirs has vanished into the ether. Anyway, I was keen to learn whether my forthcoming book, George Orwell on Screen, has a cover. Which it does.

Joy of joys, the book is listed on AmazonAmazon UK, and Wordery (which I’d never heard of). A friend who knows more about academia and the book trade than I do informs me that Turpin Distribution will distribute it to British bookshops.

My North Carolina-based publisher, McFarland, has used the photo of John Hurt in Nineteen Eighty-Four I suggested, and I take my hat off to the designer for framing it so beautifully. I also know the dimensions of the book and its publication date in June.

So now I’m galvanised: in the months to come, there’ll be YouTube videos, more blog posts, Orwell-related Twitter activity and, in the next few days, an Amazon profile (so I’m not confused with David Ryan, the ex-police dog handler who writes about pooches).

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